BUG Beer pictures not displayed

Many days ago I added a picture to a beer, it still doesn’t show.
But it’s there.

Same happens for most beers, it’s a system wide issue, and it seems to happen when pictures are added after entering the beer.
It works though when a beer picture is added at the same time as we are entering the beer.
Apparently it was mentioned in another forum long time ago, here.

Use this beer as example: Strange Fellows Cubebilicious.
The picture shown on the beer page is the stock glass, its link is here:
But if I click on the glass I’m actually able to see the real picture, its link is here:

I think that the first link to the stock glass is added when the beer is entered; and when later a real picture is added, the link is not updated.


I added photos for African Legend, African Legend 9% and à BLOC Ultralight IPA two days ago and they are displayed properly already.

A lot depends on how/when pic added.

  1. While entering beer into database

  2. While rating beer - often by editing rate

  3. By going to a beer and entering - usually by email

Some send to cloud - some import from PC -

this (the above) cloud entry is hung out to dry - so I tried sending that link by email. :slight_smile:

Cut the crap excuses this is 2018 and the pictures are uploaded electronicaly.
No reason for more than a minor delay at all after upload complete for it to syncronize between DB servers if they use more than 1…

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This is pissing me off now. Unless you’re adding a pic at the same time as adding a new beer, it’s a waste of time. I’ve added hundreds over the years I’ve been on here, but I’m not going to be arsed anymore unless it’s fixed. How hard can it be? Makes RB look cheap.

As I mentioned in the first post, I think the picture is there, just not linked correctly.
Hopefully a bug not too difficult to fix, once somebody gets working on it.

Not a waste of time at all. Just takes some time. I just uploaded a pic and it’s at the stage of only being seen when I click on review and upload pic.

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And my uploaded pic still hasn’t shown up. Maybe a rating combined with a pic upload speeds things up?

Crooked Lane Veedels Brau Kolsch

If I pull up my rating the pic is there (added on edit I think).

If I pull up the beer with the white glass - no image and no image when glass clicked on.

Image sent by email a few days ago.

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That feature seems to be really f’d up now.
I click on the the glass and my pic shows up.

Anything else and I get errors.

Think system was “down” for last half hour or so - tho forums worked, and I could enter beers with pics - and the pics are immediate when entering (not rating) the beer.


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Seems that this problem is coming back.

I entered a picture for this beer (an many other beers) a week ago

It does a displays on the website.
This seem to be the case of many uploaded pictures for existing beers (no matter if they had a picture before or not)

It displays on the App correctly though…