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BUG Beer search result?

Am I alone experiencing this? I cannot see any Beer search result since an hour ago (only suggestions are showing) …no problem with brewer and place results. No problem on mobile either.

I have the same issue.

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Same issue for me. @services

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Can take a bit of point in the words and clicking - a definite annoyance

Not working on mobile for me

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Ratings, search results, and adding a location on the rating page all have errors for me right now.


yup same for me still

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Same here. Not working on my PC or phone.

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@services this is pretty urgent and should be addressed.


Have same, so still an issue on the site

@services @joet this is still not working. In order to search for beers, I have to start adding the beer then click on the similarly named beers to find anything… please fix this.


2 days since this very serious problem was reported, something basic to the site’s usability, and we haven’t even heard back from the RB team that they’re aware of it or that a fix will be implemented. If you wonder why people have fled the site, this is a textbook example.

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Hey thanks :pray:t4: so much for the heads up. It’s been the weekend and holiday down under so the timing was perfect on this. We realize the urgency and we’ll be looking into this as a priority soon.


if I type in the search: prairie weekend
But if I then place the cursor within the search term,
Prairie Bourbon Barrel Aged Weekend
is on a list that appears below the search panel

@services @joet all search functions are down, pc, on phone and in app. It was going slow and now thera are no results at all… when was deleting a letter it started to find stuf very slowly something is not OK. / Ciao

This just made me buy a four pack of something I already tried. If I search for name nothing appears but when I re click search suggestions come up. On mobile

We’ve rebooted our database as it looks like it was under high load causing nothing to work.

I’ve tested search and it’s working here for me now. Could you please let me know if the issue is still occurring?

We are looking into this, apologies for the delayed reply.

Services @ RateBeer

Search still returns nothing for me.

Still nothing look

Thanks for the quick replies. I will keep looking into this, and it’s currently difficult as I cannot seem to replicate it.

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