BUG: Brewer page column width for beer name

column width beer name probably should be more than 6 chars wide. Guys - Give me 20-30 chars for the name width, and take it from the numerical fields, which have way more real estate than they need.

Ping me when it’s fixed, please.

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@Oakes please write down which browser you use, its version and the OS you are using.

On Win 10 this isn’t happening on up to date Chrome or Firefox or Edge from what I know.

From what we’ve seen - it happened in the outdated Chrome and Firefox on Win XP and in latest Chrome on Win 7.


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We’ve made some more improvements to the way columns scale. It’s due to be released later today, but you can have a quick look on staging.


Seems like the recent fix do the job pretty well compared to before.

However, it would even be better using a page wide full line for the Beer Name and putting all other column entries on the 2nd row.

We would then get each entries with a standard fixed height (using 4 lines):

line 1: Product name (fixed column width but the name can go over other columns)

line 2: RETIRED and Brewed By /For (keep the line for uniformity if empty)

line 3: Style and all other columns entries.

line 4: Rated on - should be in red or blue to highlight user rating, different colour to differ full vs quick rating. (keep the line for uniformity if empty or add a RATE THIS PRODUCT shortcut if not rated yet)

Also can you fix the ugly aliased beer listing?

  1. They should be the same height as other beer entries (4 lines)

  2. The beer picture should be displayed like the others in Thumbnail mode (aliases have their own picture and they are important for the differentiation of the products)

Please Add a Separate Button Toggle between All Products, Brewer Products Only or Contracted Products Only

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