BUG Brewer page Name sorting option broken when some special characters are involved after latest update (2019-12-17)

Some brewers A-Z listing are now broken with the new release when it involve special characters.

For example brewer DIEU DU CIEL! A-Z listing is all messed up because the site seems to have more than 2 codes for the special characters (the exclamation mark in this case)

Here’s the current A-Z listing

Note than on the second page, the A-Z order reset to a second A-Z list.

If I EDIT any of those beer (I don’t actually make any change in the edit page, I just click edit and then save the beer), then the beer is moved back to the good order in the A-Z listing after…

Here’s what happen after I Edit the "Dieu du Ciel! Amourette " beer, the beer is now listed at the right place…

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Same with the apostrophe special characters ( ’ )

GUYS, THE SAME BUG IS BACK (2019-12-24), can you take care of it?

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