BUG Brewer/ Place UPDATED picture won't load

Most of the time, uploading a new Brewer or Place picture over an existing one just won’t work. For beers it seems to work most of the time (after some time however).

For closed Brewers and Closed Places, it seems to just never work at all, even if there’s no picture before.

Could you please fix that so we admins don’t waste our time trying to upload updated pictures for brewers and places.

@joet @services


This should be a better experience now, can you let me know how you go.

Services @ RateBeer

OK I’ll take a look soon.

I just updated a new picture for this place and the old pic is still showing anyway.,

The Brewer page already existed with a logo: the black one.

I cloned the brewery to a new place (it didn’t copy the brewer logo in the process like it should be)…

I uploaded the blue logo to the Place page and it’s not showing…

I uploaded the new blue logo to the Brewer page and it’s not showing…

But…somehow, the new logo is showing the the Associated Brewer logo from the Place page…wtf


update: after a few minutes

The new logo is loaded on the Place page and Place search results.

The old logo is still live on the Brewer search results and brewer page.

pic url from associated brewer

pic url from brewer page

Looks like it’s still a caching issue. I’ll see what I can do to resolve that.

Services @ RateBeer

Caching is def. the issue, works when I loaded it (and I haven’t searched for that brewery before…

Services @ RateBeer

cleared my cache manually in Firefox and I still get the old brewer picture…