BUG Breweries with over 100 beers rated

So I’m using the most recent version of Chrome, and when I’m scrolling through a brewery where I’ve rated more than 100 beers, I can see 1-100, but there’s no way to see any further. Upping the rows per page doesn’t work, and neither does attempting to go to the next page of reviews. I can’t see anything I’ve rated beyond #100. Anybody else having this issue?

Yes, I saw this a few days ago with a brewer I’ve had more than a hundred beers from - unhappily I was wanting to see whether the one I was drinking was my least favourite - and there was no way of doing it. I use an up-to-date Firefox.

Still having this issue in Chrome, Edge, and Brave, plus using Safari on my iPhone.

From the Brewer page or from the My Ratings page?

From the brewer page when sorted by my rating :

But oddly, when I resized the window to take a snip then maximized it again, it showed ordered by date entered and did show the second page. (Firefox 80.0, Win 10).

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Ok I see. Same problem for me.

So is this issue going to be addressed? It’s impossible for me to see all the beers I’ve rated if I’ve logged over 100 beers from the brewery. This problem affects the newest versions of Chrome, Edge, and Brave on my PC, as well as Safari on my iPhone.