BUG Can’t view my breweries on mobile

Now, I haven’t been able to easily go to the page that lists stats relating to breweries from my profile (highest average rating, most ratings per brewery) on my phone for a very long time, but now the My Breweries link from the hamburger menu sends me to a page that doesn’t offer that information at all.

Any other mobile users experiencing the same?

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hm, works for me.

It works for me. However, I’m suffering a different error in the “My Breweries” section. In this section I can view the new releases or recent ratings of beers from “my” breweries. However, if I then try to click on one of those beers to take me to that beer’s page, I now get a network error. This was functionality I used to use a lot so it’s quite annoying. @joet or @services, would you mind taking a look and seeing if this could be fixed. Using Chrome on Android on a mobile.

I’ll have some time later this afternoon. i’ll check in to see what this might be. Thanks for the feedback

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Thanks for the swift response!

I am wholly uncertain how to find this error. My pages must look different. I am going to my profile under my name and clicking My Breweries. I see a list BREWERIES and not beers. I cannot find a link to new releases nor recent ratings. I can see Top Rated and other tabs.

Can you cut and paste the URL from your browser into your reply? This at least narrows down the page in question.

I can’t replicate this one either. Is the issue only on mobile?

@joet @wheresthepath is referring to these pages:

It shows the new releases / recent ratings of beers from all the breweries you’re following. The pages themselves work fine but the links to the beers are broken (the beer ID is included twice in the URL). You just need to remove the extra ID to fix.

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Indeed, on mobile. iOS 11.3.1, Google Chrome.

I get the same issue but only intermittently. And it fixes itself if I refesh.

OK, thanks for that great feedback. I updated the files, we’ve adjusted some back end behavior, and @services has isolated the issue. I am currently under pressure on compliance issues, and should be able to get to this soon. Cheers