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BUG: Cannot Edit a Place Rating


Simply put, I cannot update place reviews. When I click Save, it just spins and never successfully submits. Tried on iPhone, iPad, and laptop – same issue on all.

Super inconvenient to not be able to update past, obsolete reviews.

@services, @joet

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If it is an older place rating you need to fix any earlier N/A. Slide it up, then back to 0.

I reported it before somewhere on the bugs of new place page, but seems not fixed yet then.


Thanks very much. I’ll add a ticket. Cheers


@joet @aww @services

I don’t see an option to move place ratings as an admin either. Could this please be a priority - we cannot kill duplicate Place entries because of this!

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Agreed, need the ability to move and delete place ratings as admins.
Like Marko stated, to fix duplicate places, but also to remove spam.


What level does it take to delete a Place Rating as an admin?
I found a few associated user ratings for their own place for examples…but I cannot delete them


Right now you just can’t do that regardless of the level.


+1 for this one.

I have a duplicate I cannot delete for this reason.

Note to self: MKE Burger - Franklin.