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Bug : Cannot leave trade fredback


From mobile website. Android.

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Thanks for the report. I’m checking into it now.


I’m not able to replicate. Can you send me more info like the review and who it was?


Hi joet!

Maybe these screenshots can help. It happens a lot when browsing on mobile, but also on desktop.

I am logged in, but sometimes shows like I am not. Look like I am browsing two different websites (different logo and different color of the navigation bar).

I switched from one version of the website to the other just searching for a beer in the database. When search results were loaded, I was eventually logged in.

So, it happened that I was looking for a user (Wendigo), I went on his profile, clicked on “leave feedback” and did not work

I tried now and had the same switch from one website to another also on desktop. Look here.

pic 1-2-5 not logged in
pic 3-4 logged in.

But the steps taken are 1-2-3-4-5. Pretty strange.