BUG: can't edit beer rating

I tried to edit this beer rating: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/mikkeller-big-worse-barley-wine/78764/
The Save button is active but clicking on it doesn’t do anything.
The original rating is 2683 characters long.
I tried to reload the page but no luck.
I tried to save without making any change, still no luck.


I think I had that problem - took down all the chrome windows - copying the words first - brought chrome back -pasted - and things worked. I think. Was awhile ago.

Nothing over 1500 characters works. Still waiting on a fix. We may have to wait for months at this point. They should just roll back to the old system until they can sort out their shitty new format and layout, but apparently they don’t care. At all.

If that’s the case, it sucks double because not only we can’t rate above 1500 characters, but also there is a counter that suggests 10,000 are fine!