BUG "compile ratings" gone in some clients

I find myself unable to access the “compile ratings” feature on my laptop, whereas my phone still shows it to me.

Here’s my phone:

and here’s how it looks on my laptop:

Typing the link in manually, however, works on both clients.

Still there on my Laptop.

Would Seriously distress me if that disappeared.

The whole “My account” section seems to have gone in your browser, I don’t have the same problem

Still there on mine, that includes mobile, laptop and tablet.

Still visible on my page, but I can only compile the last file and not the 1-1000 and 1001-2000 files. Also the output file cannot handle å/ä/ö etc.

At least yours works. joet still hasn’t fixed mine. Stupid tick aliases :frowning:

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@sinh4 Gruesse, Stefan. Can you send me the two different URLs and if possible the two URLs you clicked to get there?

in all cases, the URL is


In all cases, I click on My Account in the top right and then on “My Beer Ratings”.

On my standalone PC and my phone, then the “My Account” Section is shown, on my laptop it isn’t.

Both my standalone PC and my laptop use identical OSes and browsers.

Interestingly, when I click on my inbox, on the right/bottom I see the “My Account” thing on all devices.

@services @joet

I want to compile my ratings, clicked on the link, bought Premium just because of this feature and after activating premium membership the button is gone and I can’t compile. Seriously?

Link btw is https://www.ratebeer.com/compileratings/ratings_[yearmonthday].txt but it still doesn’t work for me.

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I was thinking of getting premium (just to download my ratings), but now I won’t bother because that link works for me. Thanks!

Any update on this? I got tired of making multiple copies and let things slip, so I’m prepared to pay to get .CSVs - but only if it works.

Pf, support here does not care at all. I mean this thread is two years old!
Want to download all my ratings and move on to Brewver. RB currently really sucks and service team is ignoring almost everything. Disappointing for people who supported it for years.

Noticed csv download works with exception of first file.


For me it requires me to Login again when I am on beer ratings pages. It looks like I’m logged in, but there still is a Login/Sign Up button in the top right corner. Once I click that and log in again I can see the link to compile my ratings.

And used fatphil’s place rating service to get those exported as well and imported to Brewver.