BUG Country flag not showing in Beer Search results

Am I the only one not seeing the flags in the beer search results on desktop (Chrome and Firefox at least)?

They are ok on Chrome mobile though…

(at the same time, could OUR RATING and OUT OF PRODUCTION be place on the right side to the search result…it would feel less crowded)

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This is Windows lack of support for flag emoji you’re seeing, instead it shows the country code. RB can’t fix that, but instead they could just use actual flag images instead of emoji.

The latest Windows 10 version has full emoji support except for country flags… :man_facepalming:
Literally the only modern operating system choosing to pretend flags don’t exist.

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If Windows 10 doesn’t support flag emojis, maybe if would be better to display the Region the same way it is displayed in the Brewer and Place Search results then.