BUG Differences between web Search, web place page and App

Why is there so much discrepancy between the Website Search, the Website Pages, the App pages for the pictures and names?
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Just for example: the latest image I uploaded more than a week ago is displayed right on the Web Search but is not displayed in the Place Page or in the App…

And on the contrary, there’s some places I edited names more than 2 weeks ago where the latest up-to-date name is in the Place page but still showing the older name in the Web Search…

The same goes for Pictures…I uploaded this new picture for a beer a few days ago …

The small picture on the search and on the beer page still display the old one…but if I click on the picture, the new one is shown…

And in the app, the new one is displayed in both search and page…

There could be some upstream caching going on.

A lot of stuff simply isn’t getting properly updated / refreshed for days and weeks now in some areas. Beers aren’t indexed properly again it seems, changes in, say, map coordinates aren’t visible on maps themselves, etc.


Yes, definitely. There was a long weekend in Australia. It was a priority issue yesterday and we’ll see some improvement going forward. I think additionally Viper has a cache issue. There’s no way for instance for there to be a name that shows up on the map that’s different from the one that shows up on the place page. These names are drawn from the same database source. So something is going on outside our system.

It’s not cache issue, it’s the same problem with 4 different computers, 2 of which the browser are configured to not save any history/cache/cookies

Your ISP may have a content cache @Viper666.Qc

and how can I get rid of this problem? (me and others with the same problem) and why is this cache problem happening only with this site? How can it happen with the phone App AND the website?

Your ISP might be like other ISPs in making copies of requested content. We don’t have a mechanism for showing one name of a place in one place and a different name in another place. Our database isn’t set up to allow such a possible error. We only have one publicly-available copy of our data.

Mkay but @joet if you need an independent double-check, just let me know and I’ll do it and get some of my friends who are less active to do it to verify if the issue is, well, an issue.

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