BUG Feedback form on a beer page - submit button doesn't activate

Tried to provide the following feedback as a Suggestion:


This beer was entered as rye barrel aged, which I think is no longer produced. The same beer has also been aged in bourbon barrels - which seems to be the current release. So a second version of the beer added to the site? A note to the current site description of the beer? Something to think about. See:

Couldn’t get a “clickable” submit button


Added the Bourbon Barrel version and moved your rating. Really does seem things have changed.

@joet @services might be interested in the technical problem. please describe in detail what you did, where, and which browser you’re using

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Using Chrome - had what is now the original page for the rum barrel version up - went to page bottom and clicked on feedback - first tried using suggestion - typed in stuff but the glove/finger did not appear when hovering pointer over blue box - tried a bunch of other stuff - never got anywhere.
Adding apparently related/resulting problem: On my activity page:

It reads: bhensonb Clown Shoes Breakfast Exorcism (Bourbon Barrel)

Notice the word rated is not in front of Clown, my name is clickable, but the beer name is not