BUG Fonts modifications in names?

I just realised we can enter different themes and font modifications now in the Beer names and description…

is it new?

Is it intented?

When you do this however, it crashes the beer page afterwards (on a second visit) because it creates a bad url since it doesn’t recognize the name.



Out of curiosity, how are you changing themes and fonts. I cannot seem to paste any different fonts or styled versions of the text whilst editing.

Services @ RateBeer

I copy /paste the name from a brewer’s post…

Then to reproduce it, I used a script from webpage that change the font of our text (forgot the url though)

@Viper666.Qc I’m using Chrome on a Mac and cannot seem to replicate that behaviour, it disregards fonts and styles when I paste…

If you can remember the URL, I’ll have a play and see if I can replicate, once done I can work on a fix.

Services @ RateBeer

And we can also copy/paste EMOJIS as well, but those don’t crash the website…

For special fonts, try https://lingojam.com/FancyTextGenerator for example…