BUG Geocode Override... is overriden

When I enter a new place, I force Geocode Override but when I save the place, the Geocode automatically change and always send me at this fixed Geocode place:

All the new places are overrrided there…

I have to edit the place once added and reenter the correct Geocode every time…

I don’t fully understand.
Why do you check ‘geocode ovverride’ when adding a new place?

Yes, what is the intention here? Was your manually added lat and lon overwritten?

I’ve had to do this a number of times to get the place to show up in the right place on the Google map. Often the address puts it quite a long ways away.

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I still don’t know if you mean that you use the override when creating or when editing a Place.

I also use the override to put the place back where it should be, but most times the system finds the right coordinates, so initially I create a place and let the system figure out the coordinates. If they are wrong, then I edit.

Yeah, I think I’ve only ever used it when editing, not when creating. But if I knew beforehand from using Google Maps that it didn’t place the marker at the right place, I’d surely use it on create (and then probably get annoyed to find it doesn’t honor it). It’s pretty tedious to have to copy/paste two separate values twice.

Because half of the time here, when there’s a special character somewhere in the address, if I don’t put the real lat/long manually, the place ends up somewhere in the atlantic ocean by default…

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I used to override only on editing but the places ended up wrong (in the ocean) so many time that now I override it on creation by default…but now, it also bugs when creating it (they all end up in the same Quebec city) so I guess I’ll go back to override it only when editing to save me some time…

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I don’t know if you already had the link, this one gives you a list of places with no coordinates (aka the ocean in front of Africa, coordinates 0:0)

Good job, only one QC place in the Atlantic :slight_smile:
It seems that I have some work to do in BC…

Hmm… maybe I should make custom address formats for geocoding depending on country? This would be a lot of work but it seems it will also save a ton of admin work.

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Seems to me it’s not a bad idea to check the geocode override box by default when you know for sure that the location is correct, whether on creation or edit. I’ve seen instances where I’m sure the automapping initially got it right but, at some later date, screwed up. Maybe Google changed something in their mapping algorithm to cause those glitches, or maybe some change in the way we fed our address info Google maps was the culprit, or maybe someone edited something about the place and didn’t realise it had sent the mapping awry.

I think addresses on Google can be edited by businesses and I’m pretty sure that the priority of display in cases of uncertainty can change for somewhat obscure reasons so, all in all, there of lots of things that can screw up what initially automapped correctly.

It mostly looks like the umlauts etc don’t get passed on to the google maps API correctly. In most cases when you cut and paste the address into google maps it finds the place no problem.

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This. I find that whenever I add a place and then look it up in the app, it’s often a few hundred (or thousand) kilometres away!

When I enter a place using mobile web, it seems to work (even with an address missing the postal code)… But I still always have that same bug on Desktop…