BUG? Haves and Wants

Is this a known issue as im havign problems viewing someones

@cgarvieuk Please elaborate on what you’re issue. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing on your profile:

Hmmm. Works ok at home. I will try it on my Work Pc tomorrow.
I clicked on it an did nothing
The feed back displayed but not the cellar

but like you im seeing it ok now

Ok still not working in Work
can leave feed back , see feed back but not the cellar

Its on Chrome
Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

If it’s working at home, but not at work - sounds like a problem with your company’s IT blocking some network requests, not a bug on RB’s end. That looks like the latest Chrome build, and I’m not having any issues.

Odd that some of rb works not rest.

Hm, could you link to the pages that do and do not work?

Now please tell me where I can find the add / want links for each beer now?


On a similar note, you used to able to see users who “want” a beer from that beer’s page.

I can only see this function on beers that I have yet to rate…once I have rated a beer, I cannot see which users have/want that beer.

I wish this feature would re-appear.

Same here! Please bring back the want/have list from a special beer! I really cannot understand why this was removed.

Is there a way to add a beer in my “Beer Cellar”? Either in the “Beer Wants” or in the “Have List”.

I feel like I read somewhere that someone found a workaround for this; but on the current (new) version - no. But hang tight for a couple week for an update on related features :wink: (Unsure on timeline)

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Yep, don’t remember where I’ve written it though.