BUG Issue with deleting a rating

I want to delete my rating of a beer. So I click on Edit rating and then click Delete This Rating, but just after that, i don’t have any question about deleting my rating, but a big blank (white) page with text - Unauthorized there.

Why it is “Unauthorised” to delete my own rating, I will stuck with this rating forever, or there is a way to somehow delete my own reviews?

I’m using Chrome on Android, I never used the app before because I don’t like it.

This is a known issue. Something seems to have broken unintentionally. There have been a few fixes / new features for admins for deleting ratings / converting ratings to ticks so something must accidentally clash.

In the mean time, feel free to post which rating you want deleted and a friendly admin will be happy to help.

Thank you for the answer! I need to delete a couple of my recent reviews, but I think that I can wait with this until this bug will be fixed.

If this will took few days / weeks, that’s ok.

Glad to hear that RateBeer is improving!

There is a work around for deleting ratings: Go to edit rating, clear your review and then save it. Your review will have disappeared and you have a tick instead. Finally, delete your tick, and that’s all. I hope it still works.

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I legitimately need a recent rating of mine moved, and in any case would prefer this as opposed to deleting it and making a new rating, so that it keeps the original date I wrote it and doesn’t look like a new rating. Could you or someone else do this for me please?

My rating of
Should be moved to
as it was mislabelled at a festival. Cheers.

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Should be moved now.

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It is indeed. Cheers for that and all the corrections you’ve been handling recently!


Thanks so much zlotta, your work around is working perfectly!

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Please verify that today’s code fix resolves this issue.