BUG Many US Metropolitan Areas / regions / city maps broken

Many of the maps are broken through the link of when you just go to the city and click map.

AKA if I go to places, then Fort Lauderdale, then click on map at the top of the list, it brings up the old broken link. This is true for many cities if not all.


if I click where you said (Fort Lauderdale page map), I get there:

However, from the FLORIDA page, none of the regional maps work, they all end up at the same central point of USA…
I think the regional links for states are blasts from the past, they seem an even earlier iteration than the current city pages (from those pages, you can still reach the old google maps)

Ya my bad but many cities aren’t fixed.

Savannah Georgia for example

Or clicking through places to Atlanta, larger metro area

Or Washington DC