BUG Missing Fix Score and Fix Ratecount for the Place Page Admin tools

Right now, if a Place Rating is moved, we need to FIX RATECOUNT otherwise, the the moved ratings won’t appear on the Place page.
Problem is, this is possible to do it only under the old Place page format/url.

Also, even if we fixed the Ratecount, this doesn’t even change the score. So we also would need a FIX PLACE SCORE just like the similar Fix Score for beers.

Same thing the other way around, we have to FIX RATECOUNT from the Original Place but at least, it sems the Score is automatically updated after the Ratecount is fixed.

I moved 6 ratings to this place and it was still showing 0 ratings. I fixed Ratecount on the old place page and now it shows with 6 ratings but still with a 0 score.

So we need FIX RATECOUNT and FIX SCORE as admin tool for the Place Page

Or even better, make the website finally fix those changes automatically (score and ratecount) without an admin having to manually do it all the time