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BUG Moving Places Reviews doesn't work anymore

I’m trying to move the 4 latest reviews from this place (closed since 2012)
to the correct place

But even if I get this message
UserID = xxxxxx
oldPlaceID = 287385 (it isn’t the old place ID at all…it should be 21186)
newPlaceID = 92010
Review was moved.

Nothing moves at all.

I did manage to move them but using the old page url
It worked perfectly there and we can click on FIX RATECOUNT afterwards (WHICH IS MISSING FROM THE NEW PAGE FORMAT)

@services @joet

thanks for theupdate. i can make the code update request for phoenix now

Tried to move a place rating today. The site claimed it moved it. It hadn’t.

Trying it again, I’ve seen, in the message we get while moving, that the “oldPlaceID” is replaced by a seemingly random number. In this particular case, it was 363488 instead of 76533 that should’ve been the real “oldPlaceID” - guess that might help you find where the error lies. Please fix it ASAP, we need to be able to move ratings around!

Happened in latest Chrome on Win 10, didn’t test elsewhere so far.

Thanks in advance!

@services @joet

@Marko & @Viper666.Qc I’ve got a fix in place, just doing some testing on the staging site now. Will release today.

Services @ RateBeer

At the same time, there’s isn’t a FIX RATECOUNT link (FIX SCORE equivalent?) that was available on the old page format…should it still be there in the new page format or it isn’t necessary anymore?


@Viper666.Qc I’ll check with @joet in regards to the fix ratecount, it might not be needed and could be something we automate.

As for the moving place reviews, a fix for the id issue is in place now. Could you and @Marko please check it out and see if things look better?

Services @ RateBeer

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If this is the case, why wouldn’t you automate FIX SCORE for beers as well? This would save us lots of trouble. (automatic FIX SCORE when saving a Beer Edit or Alias Creation for instance)
Could it be doable?

Btw there were two ratings here, which I’ve now moved across using the given function and it looks good now.

Services @ RateBeer

Those 3 ratings belonged to the closed place btw :wink: (I already managed to move them correctly using the old pages)

I moved them back to the correct place…it worked correctly, so the fix seems to work for the MOVING REVIEWS part.

For the place where I moved back the 3 ratings, the Place SCORE seems ok.

However, for the place where I removed the 3 ratings, it doesn’t show any score now (with 4 ratings left), even if I FIX RATECOUNT from the old link.

If I remember, I think you can “fix” the missing score when there’s a new review entered for the Place (or by creating a new (fake) review for the place and deleting it afterwards, so at least the score isn’t empty for a undetermined period of time…but this is a stupid fix, it shouldn’t be that way, that bug should be taken care of ASAP)

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