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BUG New beers entered in the last 24 hours are not found when using the Search

New beers entered in the last 24 hours (since dec 8th) are not found when using the Search
If you update a beer name, the Search will only find the old beer name

(note that they are displayed like normally in the brewer listing and New Releases/My Local pages, Brewers and Places seem unaffected)

Still not fixed. (products entered last 12h hours can’t be found in the search @services

Search takes a little longer to be updated as its a seperate system with its own database… I’m just going to double check that the updater is still running.

Also think it’s time to potentially switch out search so we have a little more control over it.

Normally, the item can be found right after we enter them. It’s not a normal website behaviour.

Hey @Viper666.Qc I’m looking into this.

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If it can help you,
In the past, we did have the same problem but it was the new BREWER Names that weren’t found because the search server had stop updating them.

I’m not sure what it implies so I’ll take your word on this hehe.

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