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BUG New Mead and Ciders style gets grouped under beer

The new Mead - Metheglin/Spiced/Herbs style, when you have more than 0, gets added to the general ‘Styles Rated’ group, and isn’t grouped under ‘Cider/Mead/Sake Styles’. As far as I can tell, none of the other new mead or cider styles behave like this.

It’s probably related, but my total styles at the top say 121, but on the styles page, I’ve only got 119.

At the moment the three new mead styles are showing up under beer styles as well as cider / mead / saké styles on the user styles stats.


Seems like all the new styles have been entered in category 1 instead of category 2 (mead) and category 3 (cider)

How long is it going to take for you guys to correct them to right category?
It has now gone 2 days since this was brough up…
Or maybe some of the Admins could be helpfull to assist you?

This is just another adjutment of styles that has absolutely no root in any kind of planning at all before carryiong out.

Copy from a bug report

Problem with 3 different “mead” standing in the “unrated styles” ;;;
We are beer raters, and not mead raters …

Perhaps this should be considered with the ones mentioned above as well, making sure Cider/Mead/Sake Styles are treated the same all the time.

Be patient with them they are still improving… Or maybe not… :innocent::sunglasses:

This is still an issue.

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Ohh Yes. I did not expect them to solve the easy ones either.

It’s been more than 2 weeks since it’s been reported. This is something that takes 2min to resolve in the editstyles page

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