BUG - Not seeing peoples milestones in my feed

Clearly this isn’t a problem for everyone given the fact I see people posting milestone topics fairly frequently, however in my own feed I’ve not seen any for almost a month now, not even my own.

I “follow” 24 people on the RB website and I know for a fact some of them have recently passed milestones, yet these are not showing anywhere in my feed so if it weren’t for other people posting them in the forums I’d have no idea.

I have passed milestones myself too, both in style counts (500 IPAs rated) and total ratings (3000) recently, yet I don’t see those either. In fact at the very bottom of the feed I see this:

As you can see that was 28 days ago and I’ve hit the next milestone since then.
Yesterday I passed 3000 ratings, why do I not even see that there!

And, most importantly, how will I ever get welcomed to the clube if nobody can see my milestones!?

@joet @services

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@joet it’s now been 61 days since I’ve seen a milestone in my feed. Still no acknowledgement for anyone on this bug. Many people have passed milestones in the past 2 months, including myself. It would be nice to know about them.

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This is still an issue, and it goes beyond the friend feed. Milestones don’t work at all.
@hershiser2 recently hit 5000, and he got no video and it did not show up on my friend feed.
I follow myself on my friend feed. I got no video or notification for 14,900, 15,000, or 15,100. My friend feed still shows my last milestone at 14,800.
It seems like style milestones are also broken.


Yep, still an issue more than 3 months later. Last milestone I see is still my own…


I’ve since passed 3000, 3100, 3200… and numerous people I follow have passed numerous milestones of course.

I’m stuck at 3200 since 1050 days ago…now at 7527…

Well styles seem to work. The 200th BIPA notification I just hit showed up in my feed.

I should know if a few days if 15,200 triggers anything.

Both rating and style milestone has not been functioning in a good long while. So long that I can only venture to guess how long it has been broken. @joet

We are expected to see a fix for this soon. The code hasn’t changed on the activity/feed page but the information was not being updated after a rating save. @services


@services - has the milestones web update been pushed? This was a small graphiql update, I think handled by Olsen?