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BUG Our Rating aren't always displayed

If you access a beer that you already Rated (quick or review) via BEER SEARCH RESULT, the page won’t display your quick rating on first display on the RATING/RATE THIS BEER subsection (right window)…you have to reload the page in order to see it (even if you can clearly see the rating in the REVIEWS subsection…

This is not replicable anywhere else. If I access the beer page from MY RATINGS or from the BREWER PAGE, our rating is displayed correctly (left window)

@aww @services

That’s something I’ve picked up on too.

When you search and beer loads up there is no score on the bar. Scroll down and your rating is there, refresh the page and the score is reflected on the bar,

Trouble on Chrome via laptop and Mobile via Android Internet browser.

Can this be fixed please?

I’ve just looked at Other Half Double Mosaic Daydream (DDH) on my laptop (Chrome and Windows 10). No rating shown. Refresh the page and a full rating appears.

Any feedback on this pretty significant bug @services @aww

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