BUG Place Scores are Broken all over the site

The PLACE SCORES are broken all over the site.

For example, for this place In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst (https://www.ratebeer.com/p/in-de-verzekering-tegen-de-grote-dorst/9178/), which is currently considered the Top Place - Beer Destination according to this page (link found under the Place tab, right before the Map link)
have a score of 4.62 (140) from the search page and 5.00 (140) from the place page.
The second on the list Akkurat have 4.53 (272) and 5.00 (272) respectively.

and why display the GLOBAL PERCENTILE SCORE when you compared the highest rated Places…of course they will all end up in the 100 or 99 percentile…you should list the 5-star score there…

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Can you fix this please @services, Places scores are still not correct. The Place pages scores are not correct, the ones in the Search results are.

The right score should be 4.62, not 5.00

The number of Ratings isn’t always good too.