BUG Possibility to add breweries without State

There are breweries/cideries/meaderies listed in countries which are divided in states on RB but do not appear in any state. An example is https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/imkerei-dr-karl-gransier/37281/


Normally, if one adds a brewery and clicks on a country which has states listed here, a list appears and the first state is already highlighted. No way to clear this field. If one tries to add and the error “area code too long” appears (which is often the case in Germany, seems we have longer area codes than US) you have to go back and correct the area code. State filed is now cleared and after adding the brewery it does not appear in any state.

I’ve found two breweries in USA listed with country, but no state.
Corrected the two I found.

Yes I noticed this awhile ago and sent correction since a brewery I added had no state due to telephone issue which prompted Joet to go in and cleanup a lot of them at least stateside but not sure if the issue was fixed with area code from that end to stop future issues

Apparently this is not fixed.