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BUG Redirect to old pages after editing Places

When we edit a Place now, we are then redirected to the old place pages url instead of the new one…

At the same time, could something also be done with the redirecting url after posting pictures??? When we post a pic, we should be auto redirected to the product/place page where the picture belongs…not the website homepage…Its so frustrating to always have to do 2 backsteps each time we add a picture just to return to the page we were before…


Yes, would be appreciated.
I tend to:
Use old beer page, right click add pic to open in new tab, add pic, go back to original (old) beer page, hit “fix score” as to take me to “new beer page”, then check image has been added.

Perhaps understandable adding images, e.g. from the mails sent in, is boring and time consuming?

Would very much appreciate after adding an image you get sent back to the page you were adding it for by default.

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