BUG Regional number of breweries bug

Yup finally did it, I’m competing against myself in the Quebec Breweries…

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and by the way…I don’t understand why I’m stuck at 1809 Quebec Beers…I had 4692 Quebec beers so far…

So I see my name on that page where you are highlighted. I think it’s meant to show where you are if you don’t make the list. I only show up once on the Ontario page though which is interesting.

I’m down there highlighted at 199 breweries and also first on top at 195… I’m highlighted at 1809 beers but in reality I got 4692

Had no idea this had been a problem for so long. I’ve been trying to get into the Lancashire top 10 for number of breweries rated, and despite trying two new breweries recently, my number hasn’t changed!

Are you counting ticks?

Yes I am. Even if they don’t count for the beer score (something I think they also should), my personal stats are stuck at that number (for beers, not breweries) because I tick now instead of writing full reviews.

However, the bug where my profile was showing twice in the brewery top listers (with 2 different number of rated breweries) have been resolved.

I see. Yes this is the result of ticking. It was judged prior that only full reviews count toward lists for top reviewers. If there’s a list(s) where this is not yet fixed, let me know and I’ll fix them to only allow full reviews to count.