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BUG reviews sorting

Most recent reviews are not sorted by date. In the screenshot you can see that 2019s reviews are shown after 2017.
I have most recent ratebeer android app, android 9.0

Is your main language Polish? If so, Polish reviews will appear before other languages no matter the date…unless it has changed recently…

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That’s not Polish. :slight_smile:

But yeah, he’s based in Slovakia and the rating’s in Slovak.

And it would be oh so great if it was possible to shut that down as well. I really don’t wanna have to wade through rates in Czech when I’m based here and even less rates in Croatian if I return there.

I wanna see recent rates first by default regardless of the language as they might be most indicative of the current state of the beer. Especially since changes to dating have made rerating a non-option for most people and people won’t touch their rates anymore.

Making it an opt-in thing for new users who might struggle with English or something would probably be the acceptable way to go.


Yeah, this is well-known feature among those who regularly browse these forums.

I have never heard anyone say anything positive about it. Also, sadly I have not heard any explanation from the powers that be on why it was introduced.

Edit: it really should be optional.

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Another feature that was added “to create the Ratebeer experience” & “to make Ratebeer more friendly for new users who aren’t into rating that much, don’t know much etc etc”.

And that’s entirely fine and I can appreciate that line of reasoning.

The problem was, like other examples of its ilk so far, the way it was introduced - everybody gets it and nobody gets to opt out of it or anything.