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BUG - Scores not updating themselves except by adding new ratings. "Fix Score" not working too


It would appear that deleting reviews and adding beers to an entry by aliasing does not affect the beer score - until it’s rated by someone new. So, for example, a beer with two faked ratings that were deleted by someone still showed as having a near-5.0 score on the beer and brewery page despite having 0 ratings.

It also showed as having 2 ratings, while there are none - so that is not updating either. The “ratings” count stays the same after deletion, while the reviews count is correct.

We used to be able to remedy that by entering a rating of our own and deleting it - but now that doesn’t help either - the number is stuck.

The “Fix Score” function does absolutely nothing too, making things even worse.

@services - this seems like a pretty important fix.

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@Viper666.Qc Does your fix work in this situation?

@Marko I’m looking into this, thanks for raising it. It should be recalculating the ratings however I wonder if that’s not getting triggered. Also surprised the fix score function does nothing. I’ll get that rectified as soon as I can.

Services @ RateBeer


Thank you! Couldn’t replicate Viper’s fix myself.

I don’t think so, but the 2 posts seem related.

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