BUG Search is still broken with special characters

Hi Viper,

We’ve discussing this - it’s not forgotten; but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be “fixed”.

This is a very language specific problem, and it may not make sense to change around.

For example: O’Douls is not the same as Douls.

Try UT on that, they don’t have this kind of problem with special characters. It work with Douls or O’Douls or Odouls. same with lorée, loree, lorée, l’orée, orée, l’oree, name it it will find it…


Will the search be finally fixed in the case of the “apostrophe” ( that character ’ )?

right now, most search are broken with this character…if you don’t include the letter before the apostrophe (even if you don’t enter the apostrophe at all) the results won’t show up.

the Apostrophe also break the top CITY LINK url in the PLACE page (see other forum thread)

Also with the zero number. If you search for a beer with a 0 number in it, it won’t find it unless you include the 0 before the other numbers.
example search BATCH 1 and you won’t have the beer named BATCH 01

And a good point @Marko mentioned

The search should “link” common beer terms like IPA and INDIA PALE ALE
The same should be said in the case of I.P.A. vs IPA…both terms should be found in the search no matter how they are spelled

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