BUG Search with numbers

If I have a beer listed as “Alchimiste 01” and search for “Alchimiste 1” , I get no result. Could the search be more intuitive with the 0 before other numbers?

The search is way more intuitive with letters. If I search … “AlBhimiste 01” still give me the good result even with a typing mistake

Same thing if I write Pump my Lino, I still get the Pimp my Limo result… should be the same thing with numbers like 01, 002

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And any chance the Beer listing in brewery could work fpr numbers too so 1 are not listed aside 10, 100, 1000 but instead follow the real number order?

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I’m not seeing Alchimiste 1 or Alchimiste 01. Can you please provide other examples?

If you search for this beer with alchimiste 03 you’ll find it, but with alchimiste 3 you don’t.


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As Whatup14 said, try typing “Alchimiste 3” in the search, you won’t find the beer. Try typing “Alchimiste 03” and it will show up.
The search work when you put wrong letters or mix the letter orders but for some reason, it don’t work for numbers preceeded by a Zero

another ex: Type “Prospecteur 01” and “Prospecteur 101”