BUG some buttons not showing well on the App

Some buttons doesn’t show well on the App.

In dark mode, we can’t see the “Score Breakdown” button well in the Add rating page.
In fact, this button should be somewhere else with another icon because, right now, it look like and edit tool button. Probably right under the quick score bar and named “ADD COMPLETE SCORE BREAKDOWN” would be more appropriate.

Also In dark mode, the Add a new Beer in the OFFLINE NOTE section doesn’t display correctly too



We’re looking into that now, with updating the icon to be more appropriate (maybe add some wording too). And there seems to be a bug with the Add new beer button on Android only where the plus symbol isn’t showing, so we are looking into that as well.

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@Viper666.Qc Version 2.6.5 should fix the visibility of the buttons, but not a more appropriate wording/icon just yet for the score breakdown as that requires a bit more thought.