BUG Some city duplicates with faulty urls

In the CANADA place page https://www.ratebeer.com/places/countries/39/

I’ve noticed a 4 city duplicates: these cities are listed as having 0 places and have a faulty url (the city name is empty, only “-” listed)

North Vancouver
Port McNeill
Prince George

Probably linked to this, there’s 4 Places without City name on the Canada list that can be found before the first city listed: 100 Mile House

I don’t know what could cause that…maybe a “space” before or after the city name in the Place city name field of a Place page? or a missing State?

If there’s this problem in Canada, some other country pages must have that similar problem.

It might however be only related to Country pages with existing regions because those 4 duplicates cannot be found in their respective Regional Place page.