BUG Some problem with the search caused by ADS blockers (no Beer Results found)

Some search results are just wrong.

For example, typing JEAN gives no result in the search but in the highlighted search result, we can see clearly that we should have results.
I don’t know what causes this…

Ok seems like it’s a generalized problem…No Beer search results are given for any search right now…(not working on Firefox Win64, but it works on Android Chrome and the App…)

@services @aww

Ok it seems it was my browser adlocker that prevented the results from showing… Weird that it blocked only the Beer results, not the Brewer and Place results…

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ah thanks! I just went with the fact that search is broken and i can only use the popup search but not the real one. Been like this for weeks.

Morning! Is this still happening @Viper666.Qc and @rhoihessegold?

It was also happening to me up until last week, I just tested it again now and it seems to be working as expected now.

Thanks for highlighting this. It’s been giving us grief lately, they’ve seem to become a lot more aggressive!

with deactivated adblocker it works. If it is activated it cant show beers as a search result only brewery, places and users

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The adblocker must be messing up with the Cookies because as soon as I desactived it, I receive the ACCEPT COOKIES popup and then it works.

After I can reactivate the adblocker on the page and doing a search gives results even for beers. If you already have accepted the cookies for the page, it will work. But since the website often forget that we already accepted them and ask us again, then it will cause problem…

For me it isn’t the adblocker that prevents it from loading, it’s an addin that automatically sets cookies so I don’t have to answer them myself all the time.

I guess it doesn’t answer the cookie request in a way that RateBeer likes, so I can’t see the search results as punishment.

Thanks for solving this. I had this issue for a couple of weeks.

Can we check if this is still occurring? We have just released an update that has hopefully fixed this. :crossed_fingers:

Seems to be working now. Just activated my adblocker again and search is fine. Thanks.

Seems to be working now for me as well.

Searching on my phone doesn’t work now instead. Chrome on an Android phone. Returns no result regardless of what I search for.