BUG Sorting options don't work on the Closed Breweries pages

Sorting options don’t work on the Closed Breweries tab pages, they are highlightable but not clickable…they should, like for active breweries.


Closed Breweries tab? URL?

I assume the breweries by country page is what is meant. The ‘closed’ tab indeed does not sort the breweries in any way.

Here’s the NZ example.



Try the Closed tab on any country or Region Breweries page and click on the column titles, they just don’t work at all…

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Ok, thank you!

The 6 sorting options (name, type, beer count, my count, Est., Closed) for Closed Brewers or Regional Brewery/cidery/meadery pages don’t work.

Check this page for example.

You could rename the “Est.” column to “Opened” (for active and closed page) at the same time.

Any chance you could fix that? Seems like an easy task… (since the code for sorting the opened breweries is essentially the same and it’s working)