BUG Special Characters bug.... How can I find this brewery in the DB?

I’m trying to find this brewer.

If I type this: I don’t find it:
La Porte d’à Côté
porte da cote

If I type this, I find it:
La Porte d’à Côté - Microbrasserie
Porte Côté
porte cote
porte dqa cote (wtf!)

Can we solve the damn apostrophe problem over this website!!!

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You’re over-thinking the situation - less is better - try:

porte cote

Yes… But in french our phone often correct it to the rights words…so it would should find it.

This is even more stupid that it can’t find the Brewery when you write it exactly like it’s written “Porte d’à Côté” but it will find it if you enter any random letter like “porte dwa côté” or “porte doa côté”…

did some googling - I think the problem is that “d’à” is not functioning as a beer name anywhere in ratebeer. So maybe there was a problem with entry and what looks like d’à isn’t?

Maybe there’s a slight variation between French and Quebecois in that little piece?

The problem is ratebeer doesn’t handle well the apostrophe. It causes problem in the search, in the places city pages, in the Add Beer page, in the Beer distribution page, etc…


I meant the usage of punctuation marks - maybe differences in codes used in computers - two marks may look the same to us but have two different codes?

Anyway, tho it’s a bit beyond me these days, here’s a site suggestive of my point (I think):

Yeah I already posted a message about this character with all the different variant codes it uses.

Discourse for instance transform all variants of the apostrophe into one for display. This is not the case on RateBeer.

And there are two servers for RateBeer as well and each of those systems uses different methods for storing characters in the database. It’s unfortunate foreign characters exist at all (I joke!)

We are working on these problems, but this entails a lot of small changes over an enormity of code.

I am happy that we’ve made huge strides toward grossly reducing the effect of this issue, namely with search. And we’ll solve this issue as well.

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