BUG Top raters of a brewery order

Why is not Gunnfryd on top of the list? He has rated most beers from this brewery.

This has been fucked up for ages.

There are some where I’m in the top 6 and don’t appear.

Some where the top 6 is in a random order.

And we’ve lost rater seniority … eg one with the most rates pips someone else on equal numbers.

And why top 6 FFS?

no one cares anymore !

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Which brewery is it? I wanna do some tests…

It was Buxton last time I looked … but I’ve just looked and I’m back in there in 6th spot (but was definitely not there before despite having more rates than the 6th person).

There was another but I honestly cant recall which.

Maybe this particular issue has been ironed out in recent months but it certainly existed at the turn of the year!

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I think it was corrected since then…I cannot find a brewery with this problem…
We still have the number of rated beers bad when there’s Contracted Beers involved though…

Yup it’s been messed up for ages. It should be top 5 raters in descending order then the current user if not in the top 5.

Weird. I’ve never seen this bug myself.

It’s also weird how it’s a top 6 now. I much preferred when it was top 5 but also showing yourself if you’re not in the top 5, was nice to know how far I was away from breaking into it. Top raters of tags currently still works like this. Why was breweries changed? At least keep it consistent.

I’m pretty sure this is what they intended to do but the idea was dropped…
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My example was a Norwegian brewery


I was wondering if it had something to do with having rated beers that are brewed for others but it’s not that. I’ve had 25 beers brewed at Andwell and the list then shows raters in correct order with me at 20, excluding those brewed for others.

In fact I just clicked on a load of random breweies and all were working correctly.

Here’s an example where it’s all jacked up:

Do not expect @joet and his team to fix any of this. That would actually be to improve the trust of the data that is presenting and that is a big NO NO for them.


I bend for that one.
Thats one step one fix. Please continue fixing instead of introducing new fancy with additional bugs.
Good work Team.

Seems to be working correctly now, yes.

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Is this a fix only for this brewery or for all breweries with that kind of bug occuring?

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Seems like our great developer team is adding improvements again.
Now the robot comes up when trying to select a brewery.

Apologies, that shouldn’t have occurred. It has been rectified now.

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Bugged again?

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