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BUG Troubles with the new ADD BEER feature in App


I see that the new version of the App finally let us add a beer directly from it instead of redirecting us to the website.

However, when you add a beer, there’s 3 problems (2 majors, 1 minor)

  1. BEER NAME There’s no way to enter a Name for the beer…(seriously…is anyone Testing it before release?)

  2. STYLE LISTING The beer styles are displayed with the unused old parent styles (Hop forward, Stouts and Porters, Anglo-American Ales, …) which really shouldn’t appear at all…

and there’s no listing so you manually have to enter it everytime…if you search for things like “marzen”, it won’t find the style because you didn’t write “märzen”. If you search for “india pale ale”, it won’t return IPA, but someone new won’t necessarily know the style is listed as “IPA” not “India Pale Ale” since there’s no listing…

  1. SPEED The Add beer page comes in a 2-step windows instead of 1…it seems at first sight already responding pretty slowly…so adding a second step makes it even more slower. Also In every step, you have to double-tap to confirm an entry which is really annoying…

And why aren’t the Add Barcode (with the App well-working Scanner) and Add Picture options been added at the same time?


To enter the beer name. Choose ‘Find Brewery’, it adds the brewery name in the Beer Name box, add the beer name after the brewery name.

The other problems are spot on.

My first try at adding a beer, I filled everything out and the ‘Confirm and Add Beer’ was still grayed out. I had to go back to the first page and then go back to the second page (without changing anything), then I was able to save and add the beer.

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I was able to add a beer with no problems. I do agree that the styles should align with the website though.

However, here is another bug. I typed a commercial description, and it is not available on the beer page.


Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback.

  1. Adding the beer name: this is possible and the field should be in focus after you add the brewer. @viper666 please let us know if you are having issues with this, we still have a few usability issues to work on here, maybe the field didn’t stand out enough for you?

  2. We are using the styles (and parent styles) that are currently in the database (the same as those used on the website, but the parent styles are generally hidden). We will assess if the parent styles are useful once the new parent styles come in soon.
    I see your point about not having the ability to browse styles, especially those with special characters. We will address this.

  3. Regarding speed to add a beer, we definitely made some small usability sacrifices to get this feature to you faster. Please keep in mind that this is the first version and we will make improvements from here.

@egajdzis thanks for spotting this, we will release a fix for this issue this week

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The brewery name is auto filled into the beer name box but often that name is not correct and if you edit it then you can’t edit the beer.

For example, I added a beer using it from North End Brewing Co the other day and the name that went in the box is North End Co and I was then forced to add the beer with ‘Co’ in between the brewery and beer names.

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Ok I can add the Beer name correctly.

I thought this wouldn’t be instated after all… But for the moment, they are erroneous.


The search works really poorly while trying to add a beer; I can barely find any Dutch breweries (‘IJ’ yields zero results, for instance).


Here is another issue with Add a beer. I can not find Separatist Beer Project in the list when searching to add a new beer with the app.


That’s weird, it’s the top first choice I have after I write SEP


That is odd. I’m on galaxy s9


I added three new beers on the mobile webpage versions yesterday (android) and rated them. All have disappeared now. @services


Same problem here.


Ya I just went and readded but they seem fine. That’s a problem I never had before though as far as I know… usually if they let you add they stay added. Problem is getting to that point in the first place


There’s a 4-hour period yesterday where any New Beers/Place/Brewer and New ratings/Ticks were lost.


Still having this issue. Have also uninstalled / reinstalled since last week.


Triesd to Add a few beers last weekened and it was an awful experience…

Many brewers just didn’t appear in the Search when I was on location. I tried FOAM BREWERS, STOWE CIDER, RIVER ROOST and they didn’t appear in the list while I was in Vermont, USA and now they seem to all appear on the app (same version) now that I’m at home…(and it shouldn’t network related, I was using connected to local Wi-fi).

Could it be a problem in search based on user location ?