BUG User level not updating

Hi, I recently started using Ratebeer and I just realized there’s an user level in my “latest activity” section. Not sure if it’s a new gimmick or if it should even work yet since it doesn’t display anywhere else and I can’t see other users’ levels, but mine seems to be stuck at 1xp even after several reviews, beers added etc.

Not a big deal for me, but it seems like a bug so there you go.


This section was updated last year before the Australian team took over and I think there won’t be a follow up on this in the current iteration…
It was widely debated then because it it less useful than MY LOCAL page and doesn’t look very appealing at all…

I didn’t even know there was a point system in there…where can we see this?

Don’t know where it is displayed, although there is an explanation of it here:

Ok, so it’s a scratched project. I’ll ignore it then. And yes, I also thought it was kind of redundant with the My Local page, one feed would be enough.

@YantarCoast correct. I guess that’s how they intended it to work.

Here’s what I see in the “latest activity” section, for future reference: