BUG Website Distribution search bugged with special characters

From a beer page on website, if you click on Locate Seller, you get to the old distribution page if there’s no locations entered.

ex: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/distribution/645103/

In the Quick Add location search, whenever you use a special character, you automatically get no result.

for example, if you enter “SAQ S”, you will see all the “SAQ Sélection” locations but as soon as you enter “SAQ Sé”, they all disappear. “SAQ Se” doesn’t work either…

same for “Le Saint”, you’ll see “Le Saint-Bock” and “Le Saint-Houblon”, but as soon as you write “Le Saint-”, those 2 choices disappear, but they’ll show if you write “Le SaintH” or “Le SaintB”