Builders Drinks

I’m not sure if this is the same across the UK and Ireland. But where I’m from Builders Drinks are clock off early on a Friday and go to the pub beers. No matter your profession.

Are you having Builders Drinks today? If so what?

I’m a Project Manager and drinking…

I think I have a soft spot for tangerine aroma beers.

I’ve never heard it called Builders Drinks, but sneaking out early for a pint on a Friday is a time honoured global tradition.

Have only ever referred to Builders Friday as the last Friday before Christmas where everyone clocks off midday. Not heard of builders drinks, not that i can take advantage of it. Give me an hour and ill be on it tho

I’m coming back from holiday today and am completely beered out (something that hasn’t happened in a while)

No-one does it in the Farmborough office I’m based in but it’s assumed that the London based people are in the pub from Thursday lunchtime onwards.

I like to start at 5pm on a Friday, come rain or shine. 4pm on a Sunday is kick off and Saturday is open.

Never heard it called Builders Drinks, but I have never worked on a building site.


Where I worked it was called Pufoe Friday. Some departments could get away with it, others couldn’t, so after many years of resentment it was eventually banned. I admit to making the most of it in my early career.

POETS day where I’m at … piss off early tomorrow’s Saturday!

Pissed Up Friday on Ecstasy? Can see why they banned it.

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Talking of Builders Beers reminded me of this trowel set I found at a second hand stall in some random market while in Germany @Mr_Pink_152.