Bulgaria regional split

I’m very familiar with Romania and understand the language at a beginner/intermediate level, shouldn’t take me long to update all the breweries and places there. I know there are a couple of Romanian admins as well which is helpful, though they don’t appear to be as active as they used to be at the moment, but I’m sure they’d be happy to assist if I needed.

I’m not so familiar with Hungary but I’d be happy to help there too if needed.

I do agree about there being higher priority countries based on the size of their beer scene though, from the list Marko posted Austria in particular would be an obvious choice.


Well fuck it, let’s split Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Slovakia if “having active admins” is criteria for it. Half of these make more sense than Bulgaria anyway.

And Ukraine and Portugal so they don’t feel left out.


Yes! I know you’re trolling a bit, but If they have active admins and there are enough beers to justify it, then I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t … :smiley:


Honestly most countries mentioned in this thread “make sense”, in so much as they have an active brewing scene. It really doesn’t matter if a particular region doesn’t have a brewery does it. If the country has defined regions of some type then why not?
Of course, give priority to those that are bigger, but I don’t see why we’d need to exclude certain countries from ever being split.

Denmark is an exception because we can’t seem to reach an agreeable split - that’s fine, maybe it’ll get done eventually, maybe not.

And I know you weren’t being serious in your previous post Marko but of those countries you mentioned; Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia are definitely viable, and I’d include Ukraine, Portugal and Bulgaria too. (I know Ukraine has some issues we need to figure out first with Crimea etc.)

As for the countries with less than 50 breweries… meh, I wouldn’t push for any of those myself but wouldn’t be against it either.

The only reason I can see for NOT splitting a country would be if it’s a microstate, or simply has only a handful of breweries (I’m guessing a lot of African countries and Muslim majority countries will fall under this, even if they’re geographically massive).


I was actually being semi-serious. Do I think they are a priority that should be done as soon as possible? Not really. Though I do feel Austria, with its strong brewery per capita level was an omission last time. But if there’s going to be a push for any of those, if would be ridiculous not to include more active / as active coutnries.


As for criteria there was none. The opportunity presented itself and solid funk posted a bunch of polls to see what users wanted. Then a list of easily enough countries were compiled over few weeks and it got pushed through. I pushed for Japan for example because I drink lots of sake. Solid funk I think driving force for South America since he travels there etc. so no real reason countries mentioned didn’t happen other than no one initially asked. I think there is a pause to get everything settled but worth starting list and regional splits of “batch 2” for when that (if) happens. Important in my opinion to get countries wanted by users done since no guarantee services will be here forever. Personally I really want maps for countries already done since I am map nerd.


To be fair, the only reason this thread about Bulgaria came about was because Leighton asked about it in the main thread and solidfunk pointed out that we need a thread for each country to discuss the best split and if there’s any issues with it. So it wasn’t about pushing for one country over another, it’s just that Bulgaria happened to come up in conversation that day and it’s the first one that had some interest.

I intend to post threads for countries myself but I think we’re waiting for the current region splits to be fully completed before we ask services to add more. Although there’s no reason we can’t get discussions done in the meantime.

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It’s been a highly organized, highly considered operation. – High Council of Regional Splitters

Jokes aside, generally some mixture between countries that have a lot of breweries, or are important beer countries (czech for example). Or are big places. But in the round of 17 we just did, a few slipped through that probably could have waited. It was just that they were ready…

So to sum up, now that we have the list for Bulgaria, I’ll send it into services next time we start beating the drum on more countries. But for now we haven’t even split up many of the ones we have. If we do another mass split in the next couple months, Bulgaria will probably be on it just because it’s ready, not because it necessarily deserves to be done more than others. I’ll start up more regional forum splits for Austria, China, S Africa, India, etc after we finish with this batch


Don’t forget the Transdniestra split thread man. I want my hard earned (beer and place) tix for the glorious republic to count.


10 counties. Doesn’t look too difficult.

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Hey, if you get the regions ready, it will apparently get submitted to services ASAP! :smiley:


Jesus, I even went to that bloody place a couple years ago and only managed to get one tick from a grocery store. The highlight was when I got my change it included a coin that was made out hard plastic that looked like a gambling chip. I was staring at it when the lady gave it to me and the guy behind laughed and said “Welcome to transdinistria.”



Hey, I have same number (2, so not 0!) of Transdniestra ticks as I have Bulgaria ticks :smiley:

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Lithuania would be a good one since quite the history of farmhouse ales. could be quite the beer trip, here is a in depth guide, for interested parties


Lithuania is a must pretty much beer-culture-wise.


Cheers for starting threads @Marko , I added a few more bigger ones from outside Europe that I can think of with lots of breweries. Where did you see the list of how many breweries each country has btw?

Just by guesswork, I searched a few countries. Surprised to see Thailand has 180!
South Korea only 97
Colombia 175
Peru 105
Vietnam 100 or so

Just by Advanced Search.

I’d guess we’re missing a huge chunk of South Korean breweries really.

All of those countries you mentioned are heavily underrepresented on RB compared to the yellow site. I’d say all of them are definitely worth splitting, so many breweries and beers that haven’t yet been added here.

Well ya exactly, that’s my point. Split now to save work later. If there are two breweries in the country, splitting is easy work for admins now. Then they can be added correctly in the future, aka when Iran turns into a craft beer haven. :rofl:

Note: I’m not actually advocating at this point we split Iran, or other places like that with 0 beer. Just that we should start doing countries with lots of breweries, or developing scenes.


100% agree with you there. Sooner these developing beer countries are done the better things will be for everyone going forward, especially users in said countries.