Bush Ambree

Just wondering what’s happened to Bush Ambree? All the rates of this beer seem to have disappeared. I rated it back in 2016.


I think there was an aliasing issue.


But the button to go to the aliased beer doesn’t go anywhere.




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Think we’re looking for this one

Thanks for the sleuthing, @bhensonb. Yes, this looks like a mis-aliasing. I’ll look into it…

I’m drinking a BSA and noticed how it shows up in my style list (note date of apparent rerate):

Sorry to bump this again. Now that this beer is back it appears I have an additional, and not visible to me rating. Help @services is this the curse of the hidden tick again?

Given up trying to keep capitals… It might be easier to change my id to mr_pink_152

I’ve left it a couple of weeks, but surely something can be done about this hidden rate. Can anyone help?? @services?? or @joet??

Hello @mr_pink_152

Apologies for your numbers being out of sync again.
Let me look into it and see what I can find.