Buy & Ship NYC Brewery Mix Packs to 31 States Till Oct 6

Thought this was a nice tick mix for breweries that don’t distribute much out of the area. Some weak selections(looking at Coney Island & Grimm), but it’s probably to meet a certain price point. Several of these are good to very good.


Edit: I misspoke. Some groups are accepting orders till October 13.


Weird that they are not giving beer names, just beer styles.

$70 bucks a 12 pack touch steep then $35 a 12 for shipping = $210 total for 24, $8.75 a beer for a Florida resident.

I thought it was 35 flat for 24 but that is only if from same lot I guess. Anyways probably pass although would want to try some of these breweries that opened since I left.

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I would be happy to arrange that if you would be so obliged.

Yeah, that does seem steep. I just moved out, so was looking for a way to get my locals again. Lots of NY wine & cider is easily available on vinoshipper with free shipping on a case, often discounts on top of that.

With all the $8 single cans of neipa flooding the shops, I’m sure they can afford some better distribution. Maybe they’re doing just fine without me thinks.

You could probably get a lot of the newer NY ones from Halftime, which I think would only be $25 for shipping of 24 beers to Florida, still not cheap, but better than $35 for 12.