BXL BeerFest 2019

Hi Folks,

anymore joining the BXL Beerfest 2019 in Brussels?
It the weekend 24/25.08.2019. http://www.bxlbeerfest.com


I’ll be there. I’m arriving on Wednesday (21.08). Not 100% fixed plan yet, but thinking of doing lambik-o-droom on Thursday and Cantillon on Friday, Moeders and some random places after the lambic places close. Will be happy to share some beers if you or anyone else wants to join me.

I assume most of the Dutch and Belgian gang will be at the festival and beers can be shared, like in previous years?!

Nice to hear! We arrive on Saturday in time and spend a few days in Brussels and Gent or Antwerpen.
There are some other guys from Germany who will be there.
Sharing is great. In search for specific German beers. Mayba we can arrenge that.

I don’t have anything special that I’m looking for, but always happy to drink some good German beers. I probably will not have much room in luggage, so sharing those is also preferred. If there is anything specific from Estonia that you are looking for, let me know. If it is available, I can bring it.