Caley & Coul

Two news items of note today in Scotland, firstly that Heineken no longer think it’s worth preserving the Caley Brewery: Edinburgh's historic Caledonian Brewery to close after 153 years - BBC News

I mean, sustainability? My brown eye.

Secondly Coul have gone under, although you wouldn’t know it from their main website, FB has the news Coul Brewing Company

Thoughts / feelings?

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Always sad when breweries go as it is devastating to the jobs market etc but I struggle with Caledonian beers. I guess theyll pop up being brewed elsewhere.

I never got a chance to try Coul. There are way too many brewwries and pubs/bars going under now. Sad times.

Somewhat embarrassingly, we didn’t even have a place entry for Coul. If someone’s visited it and postponed rating it, it can be made.