California hits 20K

California is not the first state to have a rater reach 20,000 rates. Strange considering California has had an important part in the craft beer industry. One reason may be that so many raters have left the state to move around the world. But the time has come, and giving some due credits:

@joet for assuming the helm and keeping the site in existence

Michael Jackson for books, articles and beer recommendations. CAMRA for keeping beer alive and fighting evil.

All the admins over all the years who keep the site viable

@Irishboy for explicating the purpose of the site

@Marcus for helping with beers and travel

The tens of members who helped with beer trades

Consistent and locally accessible sources of good beer:
Capitol Beer and Tap Room
The Davis Beer Shoppe
Corti Brothers

Tavour – a great aid during the pandemic restrictions

Folks who “shared” on What ya drinkin’ during the restrictions
@marko @Jow @malvrich @sloth @weihenweizen @Bitterbill @Shig and others I can’t add because of the 10 person limit. :slight_smile:

And especially: The craft brewers of the world

Thanks everybody.

The beer:


Congrats sir lofty number. It seems your 5th American to reach this rarified air.

Congrats on the milestone @bhensonb! Glad to have been able to share a few even if virtually during the pandemic. Cheers to the next 10K ratings…Shawn

I am creeping along, but only scratching the surface of Californian beers. It’s great pity we have lost so many people on Ratebeer, California is not alone on that, but their pastures new are not always as ‘green’ as they hoped.