Calling people of Leicester

I have a 10% discount loyalty card for Brewklopedia. I’m not likely to get there in the near future but I’m sure someone will…

If you’re from Leicester and want me to post your this card. Let me know. I only have one so it’s first come first served.

I know an ex-Leicester chap: @Theydon_Bois.


Cheers Jezza … I went to Leicester about 6 weeks ago to visit a friend.

Probs not back till next year now.

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not from there, but going there this summer. and would love 10% off! :slight_smile:


They are a really good bottleshop, although I use them less because their hours are quite restricted and awkward for me. If you’re in Leicester I’d recommend them.

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here now!

I’m in Leicester but currently out of action with a nasty chest infection. No beer for me for a week or two yet. How long are you around?

Here’s something of interest… Brewklopedia on Welford Road is closing next week and they’re holding a clearance sale starting tomorrow. 25% off which isn’t a massive amount but worth checking out possibly…

leaving tomorrow

Crikey, what is going on in Leicester, so many good places closing. Seems worse than any of the other beer cities.

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Some Leicester people might know more than I do. Some have had specific circumstances not directly linked to low custom. But generally speaking… too many beer pubs and shops in a city which doesn’t really have a craft beer culture. We have two universities but you never see the students in the beer pubs (occasionally BrewDog but nowhere else). Head of Steam was almost always deserted despite a central location, compared to the ones in Nottingham, Brum and Liverpool where I could barely move for punters. As long as we keep BrewDog, Blue Boar, the Two Tailed Lion and a few decent cask ale pubs (Salmon, Kings Head and the like), plus the amazing Offie…

Sorry I missed you, I’ve ventured out occasionally this week but still coughing up a lung…

hope you feel better soon. enjoyed the offie and the brewpub while i was there!

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